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turbo in Scandinavia

Turbo precleaner was in Scandinavia recently visiting our dealer network there.
In Skjern Denmark we visited Grene (www.grene.dk), who have a massive distribution facility complete with automated carousels where they are able to ship over 8,000 packages per day from their 40,000 square meter facility!   It reminded me of what it might look like seeing Amazon shipping packages at Holiday time next month.   Their filtration division is headed up by Lasse Kviesgaard and Kurt Jensen, who have over 10 years experience selling turbo precleaner in Denmark.   They also handle a wide variety of other filtration products including engine air cleaners, oil and compressor filters, fuel water separators and many other products.
Then it was on to Norway where we saw SK Produkter, (www.skprodukter.no) who have sold turbo for over 15 years.   Jan Kristiansen and Morten Almark help us there promoting turbo precleaners, fuel tanks and drill rods and accessories to the drilling, ag and construction market.   They showed us as well the famous ski jump hill called Holmenkollen, which was used in the 1952 Winter Olympics and is over 100 meters high – very impressive.   
After some good  meetings in Norway where we discussed the outlook for construction and precleaner business in that oil-rich country,

we went on to Finland where Markku Arosarka from Atoy Oh (www.atoy.fi) was our host.   We were interested to learn about their business, customers and plans to grow their industrial sales presence in that country.   They showed us their state of the art warehouse and we discussed the market conditions in Finland.   Atoy sells turbo on-line through their website and to a number of aftermarket customers direct in Finland in addition to wiper systems, seating and a variety of other off-highway and construction aftermarket accessories.

Last we visited Stockholm Sweden, and AB Sveadiesel, (www.sveadiesel.se), which is selling turbo, Parker-Farr industrial air filter systems, Separ Fuel filtration systems and a wide variety of defense-related components – including Leopard II tanks and helicopter systems for the Swedish Defense Forces.   Mikael Lindberg was our host and explained to us his market and gave us examples of how turbo precleaners are used in Sweden by both OEMs and end users to be used in aggregate, construction, forestry and mining applications, or anywhere where additional protection is desired for a machine’s engine.
Overall, a good trip and an excellent week spent promoting turbo and meeting some of the interesting folk who sell it for us in Scandinavia!

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