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How & Where To Buy Our Heavy Duty Engine Intake Air Precleaners

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What Makes turbo® Precleaner Different From Other Air Intake Precleaners?

  • Our precleaners utilize a straight through flow path, meaning that the dirty air entering into the top simply flows straight into our guide vanes and the rotor chamber where centrifugal forces help to drive upwards of 85% of the contaminants outward where they fall harmlessly through the discharge slots. Only clean air then flows out the discharge into your machine.
  • Competitors typically use “reverse axial” designs, meaning that the air enters the bottom of the precleaner, where it then must make a U-turn, adding restriction and robbing your engine of additional power. This makes them more restrictive, which means your filters don’t last as long. Also we have some of the most efficient designs available today.
  • Last, we independently test each model using a highly acclaimed outside source, to industry SAE J726 standards – we stand behind our performance data.

WHY BUY turbo® Precleaners?

  • Both Owners and Manufactures of Heavy Equipment need to protect their engines. Owners cannot afford downtime, engine rebuilds and extra filter costs.
  • Manufacturers have warranty costs, service contracts and customers to keep satisfied.
  • Adding a turbo® Precleaner helps prevent engine wear, reduces filter costs and extends the life of the engine.
  • All turbo® Precleaners are self-powered and self-cleaning. Perhaps the greatest appeal of the turbo® Precleaner is its simplicity of design. Retrofit is a snap. It could not be easier to install since most applications require only slipping it on the air intake pipe and tightening a clamp. There are no exterior connections (i.e. a hose to the exhaust, etc.) or other parts needed.
  • turbo® Precleaners have been protecting engines for over 40 years, known around the world as the leading precleaner. It does what we say it does…..“It works”.