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Turbo HD

turbo® HD

Tough made tougher. The NEW turbo® HD packs the same great features as the turbo® II with an added layer of protection— ideal for the most extreme work environments.

turbo® HD Highlights:

  • Additional Prescreen adds more than 3 times the debris catching surface area
  • Prescreen captures airborne debris – Leaves, Paper, Chaff, Plastic Bags and other large airborne materials
  • Easily cleaned without having to take the unit apart
  • A necessity for landfill and agriculture applications
  • turbo® HD prescreens available on turbo® II Model 46 and Model 68
  • Also available as a retrofit kit for existing turbo® II Model 46 and Model 68
  • Maintains effective engine breathing for maximum efficiency and power
  • Minimizes costly down time
  • Easy install.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel band clamp

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All turbo® Precleaners are independently tested to industry SAE J726 and ISO 5001 standards.

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