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Flex N Line

turbo® III Flex N Line™

Powered by same smooth and efficient rotor as our turbo III is the turbo® III Flex-N-line™. The Flex-N-Line™ offers designers and installers the advantage to install a rotary ejective precleaner that has the performance to operate efficiently under the hood. Low in restriction and efficient across a wide operating range, Flex-N-line is a good option for off-highway machines like cranes, tele handlers, skid steers and other machines where space is limited.

Turbo III Flex N Line

turbo® III Flex N Line™ Highlights:

  • The only inline available on the market
  • Extends engine air filter life
  • “Top Down” air flow design
  • 75-475 CFM
  • 2 sizes offered
  • Under Hood Air Intake Precleaner
  • Utilizes existing air intake
  • No holes in hood
  • No impaired vision
  • Better engine efficiency
  • Power and fuel-efficient
  • Plastic
  • Cool air to the engine
  • Straight thru flow
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Heavy duty stainless steel band clamp

turbo® III Flex N Line™ Patented Design

turbo® III Flex-N-Line™ is made out of 33% glass-reinforced polymer (nylon 6), and is designed to be installed in line with the engine and out of.

Turbo III Flex N Line Patented Design

Competitors Design

No other competitor offers an “under the hood” precleaner. The turbo® III Flex-N-Line™ is the ONLY in-line rotary ejective precleaner model available on the market.

Model Information

turbo® III Flex N Line™ is currently manufactured in two sizes and covers a CFM range from 75 to 475 CFM.

Not interested in an in-line precleaner, check out our turbo® III model.

Inlet Size Base Outlet Size Base Outside Diameter Height Weight
Inches mm Inches mm Inches mm Inches mm LBS kg Separation Efficiency Curve
3″ 76.2mm 3.46″ 87.88mm 5.27″ 133.86mm 10.7″ 271.78mm Click Here
4.5″ 114.3mm 4.97″ 126.24mm 7.5″ 190.5mm 12.88″ 327.15mm Click Here

Flex-N-Line Brochure (PDF)

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All turbo® Precleaners are independently tested to industry SAE J726 and ISO 5001 standards.

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