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SteinExpo Show big success for turbo!

Well, we’re all back from a couple exciting weeks in Europe! Turbo had a great showing with our German dealer, P.E.A.C. GmbH, at the SteinExpo, (www.SteinExpo.de), an outdoor trade fair in an actual operating Bauxite mine. Lots and lots of machines were on display, from crushers, loaders, dumpers and excavators. A great, dust environment to show Precleaners at work!   For assistance with your tough application, call us at USA Call Toll Free: 800-537-7444    International Call: 216-362-0755

P.E.A.C. company booth at SteinExpo – featuring turbo products!

Overview of SteinExpo Layout, note turbo on crusher in foreground

turbo III Polymer units on Heavy-Duty Doosan Excavator and Wheel Loader

turbo II on Volvo Small Wheel Loader

Turbo II on Komatsu Wheel Loader

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